Terms of Business

Terms of Business

All work undertaken by Advanced Writing Solutions will be subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions offer clarification regarding a given project for both Advanced Writing Solutions and the client. Upon giving permission to proceed with a quoted project, these terms and conditions provide a contract between Advanced Writing Solutions and the client, and cannot be altered once project has commenced. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the terms and conditions as set out below, you must discuss these with me prior to the project commencing.

1 Quotation:

Advanced Writing Solutions will provide a quote based on the client’s brief prior to project commencement. All quotations are valid for a period of two months from submission date. If the project brief undergoes any significant changes either prior to project commencement, or during production of the copy, Advanced Writing Solutions has the right to advise the client of increased fees if applicable. All changes to quoted prices will be submitted in writing, for negotiation and approval. Prices are not currently subject to VAT.

2 Quotation terms:

All prices quoted include 2x revisions of submitted draft copy. Any revisions required must be requested by the client within 10 working days of submission. Quotation prices also include initial research, information gathering from client, and general administration. Any travel expenses incurred by Advanced Writing Solutions for client meetings are to be covered by the client in addition to the prices quoted.

3 Deposits:

All projects will be subject to a deposit payment of 50% of the total quoted price before any writing commences. In some cases, the deposit may be waived or altered subject to discussion between Advanced Writing Solutions and the client.

Paying a deposit secures the time required for Advanced Writing Solutions to complete the work as agreed. In the event that a deposit is paid and the project is then cancelled by the client,  the deposit WILL NOT be refunded; with time already allocated for the project, other work will have to be refused for that period. The deposit is paid in order to reserve time in Advanced Writing Solutions’ diary.

4 Payment:

The final balance of the project cost is payable within 14 days from the final invoice date, unless previously negotiated with Advanced Writing Solutions. For larger projects, Advanced Writing Solutions may request an interim payment upon delivery of the first drafts. If a client fails to provide payment in the agreed time, Advanced Writing Solutions reserves the right to charge interest on overdue payments of more than seven days. This interest will be charged according to the UK Government’s Better Payment Practice Code.

For clients outside of the EU, Advanced Writing Solutions requires payment to be made, in full, prior to work being started. Due to non-payment from clients in the past and with a lack of legal protection available in these circumstances, this is regrettable but necessary.

5 Cancellations:

If the client wishes to cancel the project once work has commenced, the client will incur charges for all copy produced up to the point of cancellation. This will currently be charged at a cost of £45 per hour. If the client fails to provide the information required for me to complete the work within 6 weeks from the scheduled start date, Advanced Writing Solutions reserves the right to cancel the project; any deposit will not be returned.

6 Process:

If the client wishes to accept a quotation and proceed with the project, they must confirm in writing by email or hard copy. The client agrees to provide any information required by Advanced Writing Solutions in order to facilitate the delivery of the project within the agreed deadline.

7 Deadlines:

Advanced Writing Solutions agrees to provide the copy within the agreed deadline. However, should a situation arise out of my control that causes the project to be delivered late, the client agrees to accept a revised timescale via negotiation.

8 Copyright:

Upon receipt of final payment, copyright passes in its entirety to the client. However, Advanced Writing Solutions retains the right to publish the copy either in part or full, in order to promote our services. If the client cancels the project and/or fails to make the agreed payment, Advanced Writing Solutions will retain the copyright for all work, and the client may not publish or otherwise use any of the copy produced, either in full or in part.

9 Collaboration:

Please note that due to workload, Advanced Writing Solutions may sometimes need to collaborate with other professional writers in order to deliver the project and meet deadline. In this event, Advanced Writing Solutions will proofread and edit the work as necessary before presentation to the client to ensure consistency and quality.

10 Liability and Indemnity:

Advanced Writing Solutions will not be liable for any losses to the client which may arise in connection with the work provided. The client is responsible for the factual and legal content of the work provided, and therefore will indemnify Advanced Writing Solutions against any claims or legal proceedings brought against the client.

11 UK Law:

The terms and conditions herein are subject to the laws of the UK.


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