Corporate communications or random ramblings?

  • So my new site has been live for a week so far and I’m afraid to say that I’ve been remiss when it comes to blogging. This has been in part because I’ve been so busy and partly because I haven’t really decided on the tone I want to use.

    Being a blog affiliated with my professional services, I am very aware that it needs to demonstrate and validate what I do as a freelance copywriter. On the other hand, I am a regular person (though some of my friends may think this is debatable!) with a personality and I don’t want my blog posts to sound stuffy and impersonal. Just because we have to conduct ourselves professionally for business purposes, I’m not sure that it’s entirely necessary to shy away from the more dynamic and amusing qualities that we possess when using slightly more informal platforms.

    When I start working with a new client, one of the things I need to do is to find the appropriate communication level to use with them; some clients want straight-laced and corporate style communications, while others prefer something a little more casual and relaxed. I’m pretty good at gauging this usually, but all kinds of people may read my blog posts, so where’s the balance? The other question I’ve asked myself in regards to my blog is whether to keep it focussed solely around all things writing, or to include more personal issues that are relevant to me outside of my work.

    These are all decisions that I can make when writing for others, but I always find it much harder to make such a call for myself. We’re all complex, multi-faceted people and we temper different elements of our characters depending on the ‘audience’ around us. This is easy to measure when you’re face to face with people, but I have no idea who might happen across my blogs and start reading.

    So, I’ve decided to ask the questions out loud and hand it over to you. Yes, you! So what do you think? Would you prefer every post to be related to copywriting, or would you like to get to know a little bit about me too? Please drop me a line on Twitter or via my contact form and let me know what you think.

    Kind regards/cheers guys!



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