Copywriting Services for Print

There’s something quite magical about copywriting for print projects; I find the artful placement of great copy within a beautiful design, produced on a glossy brochure to be nothing short of beautiful. I can provide freelance copywriting for any kind of print project, such as:

  • Corporate brochures
  • Advertising flyers
  • Newsletters
  • Technical manuals
  • Media packs
  • Business documentation
  • Promotional leaflets
  • Print advertising campaigns
  • B2B and B2C direct mail
  • Press releases
  • Sales catalogues
  • Packaging and point of sale

I love the process of developing print collateral; working with other creative minds and pooling together ideas and expertise to deliver great results for the client. Words and pictures are natural bedfellows, and I get a disproportionate amount of pleasure from uniting the two!

I’m fortunate enough to work with a wide range of amazing designers and visionaries, but I’m also happy to work under my own steam or to fit content in with a chosen design. I’m like the old credit cards – your flexible friend! Want to have an informal chat about your potential print project? Call me on 0113 282 7972 or drop me an email here.